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Can you just draw lots of jeyna bc after BoO I really need some.

I’ll see if I can draw something decent enough to post…

I have a vague idea about your favourite DC characters :3 But what about other companies? Do u have any favourite Marvel heroes? Do u read any DarkHorse comics? Or Atomic Robo (<- u should read this one)

The thing about it is that when I get into a thing, I go through it slowly and meticulously and look at nothing else, so I have yet to read anything Marvel (though a few of their comics did catch my eye and I do expect to read them soon. Like Deadpool looks fun and Miss Marvel…), from dark horse I have only read the Avatar the Last Airbender continuation comics. That’s about it, though when I lived in Romania I used to read those W.i.t.c.h. comics :)

The fact you draw this well at 15 makes me lose all faith in myself. I am never picking up a pencil again, it's just too painful. Good day to you. *crying in a corner*

NOOOOOOOOooooo don’t you DARE give up on yourself! If you practice and dedicate yourself you will get to a level where you will be happy with your art and how it looks. Will it take time? Yes, but all good things do! Art is art and age has nothing to do with it, it’s the practice. So please don’t give up because of me, that is not the message I’m trying to put out there.